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Assignment Week 4 | Fashion Forecasting.

Color Palette:

“Fashions fade, style is eternal”

– Yves Saint Laurent


Maybe I’m boring, but I was sifting through the fashion shows this Spring, and it honestly took me a while to find one that I didn’t think was completely bizarre and distracting. I finally found a pretty nice collection by Roland Mouret. My top 5 —


I really loved this ‘cream’ color. Typically I find ‘neutral’ colors a bit restrained, but I thought this was really beautiful. I’m not crazy about the gold necklace, but it’s a nice contrast from the dress.


A similar color to the one above, but I thought that the belt made a nice distinction.


I don’t normally like gold, but I really like how it goes with the black and the cream-like color. The colors go great together. This dress may seem like it stands out, but it’s way more mellow than some of the other dresses I saw.


Loved this shade of blue. It could also lean towards a kind of purple.


Another great blue dress. Very vibrant and eye-catching. The black in the middle is a nice diversion.

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Assignment Week 3 | Fashion Forecasting.

2 Window Displays:


Window Item 1 – Great cardigans for the Fall.


Window Item 2 – A 70’s-like mens striped button up shirt.

6 Items:


Item 1 – I’ve always been a fan of the female checkered boyfriend shirt. It’s pretty casual, but it’s a great top to wear during the Summer. It’s also fun to accessorize it, like they did with the belt.


Item 2 – This is a cute baby-doll top with a thin shoulder strap. Also very nice to wear during the Summer/Spring.


Item 3 – A more professional dress. The gray seems a little bland to me, and I would associate it with being something that you would be more likely to wear in the workplace.


Item 4 – A nice mens grey tweed jacket. Nice for the Fall/Winter.


Item 5 – More than anything I loved this scarf. I loved the colors of the stripes. Just what you need for Autumn.


Item 6 – I liked the combination of the pants and the top. Great shade of yellow. I also liked the belt and the scarf. It’s nice that everything goes together without being too ‘matchy’.

2 Fashionable People:


Fashionable Person 1 – I thought this man was fashionably dressed and very sleek. It’s a nice fitting top, with a nice pair of dress black pants. He looked very well put together.


Fashionable Person 2 – I thought these guys looked pretty cool. The girl accessorized her outfit well with the belt, and I enjoyed the guys indie-like look.

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Assignment Week 2 | Fashion Forecasting.

Fashion Fads Inspired By Entertainment:

Audrey Hepburn:

Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's

Audrey_Hepburn_in_Breakfast_at_Tiffanys_Best_Fashion_Movie_Bluefly_blog_FlyPaper /

no doubt that one of the female fashion icons of the 60s was audrey hepburn. when “breakfast at tiffany’s” came out, the ‘little black dress’ became the new frenzy. chic and elegant, audrey graced the screen with beauty, and inspired women across the world. in this particular film, audrey’s accessories included pearls, dark sunglasses, long gloves, a large panama hat, and the trench coat. there’s been a lot of replicas of this look over the years, however, audrey’s original fashion sense has truly stood the test of time.

James Dean:

james dean, known as the ‘rebel without a cause’ carried his rebellious persona into his fashion sense. most notably, he was one of the first actors who wore a white undershirt with nothing over it. on occasion, he would wear a leather jacket, or a vest. his other accessories sometimes included a cowboy hat and boots.


James-Dean-Wallpaper-james-dean-930851_800_600 /

“Almost Famous”:

you could almost say that some of the fashion trends from the 70s came back in the 21st century.┬áin all actuality, many people were just copying the fashion styles of the actors from “almost famous”, which was a period piece that took place in the 70s. after this film opened, it seemed that women everywhere were aiming for the ‘penny lane’ look. this film had such realistic and influential costume design that it practically managed to bring an entire decade of fashion back.


sipa_almost_famous_071012_ssh-445x344 /

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